No mates

After CrashPod, it's fair to say that what with one thing or another I haven't exactly been prolific with the songwriting. Having two little girls tends to mean that if the guitar even makes it out into the loungeroom, it's pretty much only allowed to play one of a couple of songs. For some reason, anything other than "Everybody Clap" or "She'll Be Comin' Round The Mountain" are met with complete blank stares. And forget original songs - they can spot it a mile away. Catchiness is the key when playing music to kids, and unfortunately my catchiest song is probably still "The Doggy Song" which may not appropriate.

I guess that other new-found time-sapper is at least partially to blame. Oh well.

But I have got my little home studio set up, albeit sharing space with the toy room, the bar and a rather large foosball table, which is positioned just behind where I stand with my guitar whilst recording. Just a word of warning to any other musicians having to share a space with a foosball table: be careful not to be overly enthusiastic with your swaying hip movements while recording, as I've found that the line of talented attackers on the blue team can be quite penetrating when they want to be.

When I can wedge myself into my very mini studio I occasionally can put down a few ideas. This here page contains a sample of those that were a bit more finished than the other zillion riffs, chord progressions and vague James Reyne -sounding half choruses that are fragmenting the hard disk of the little mac mini.

I'll add more when I get some finished.